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Nail Technican Supplies offers a great range of products specially for the professional and student nail technician, artist and salons. We offer one of the largest product selections in the UK for nail supplies and we have seen that our nail supplies are used by a wide range of beauty professionals. Nail Technican Supplies also provides for the academic side of the industry with many of our products being used by students as well as on a professional level.

Nail Extensions

Nail extensions can be finished in many ways and with our products the choice of method is always yours. As we are always striving to provide the best products for achieving the most natural looking nail extensions for you and your nails. Having realistic artificial nails is always a technicians top priority and we believe that with the nail extensions we provide you will get exactly what you are looking for in any beauty product or design.

Acrylic Nails

One of the main attractions of acrylic nails is that because of their length, nail technicians or nail artists can imprint unique designs on them. With the vast selection of acrylic nails offered by Nail Technician Supplies .com you will achieve the ultimate results for your nails, with customers coming back for more! The acrylic nails in our online catalogue are some of the best products avaialble today and are supplied at discount prices to both the general public and beauty professionals alike.

Gel nails

At the moment you have quite a conundrum to deal with. You can`t decide between having acrylic nails fitted or whether you should opt for the gel variety. You've heard different things about each type of nail and at the moment you think you are swaying towards the gel variety. The thing to do is to weigh up the pros of having the gel nails fitted compared to acrylic nails. Plenty of people prefer the gel nails because they think they look more natural in comparison to other types of artificial nails. Call into the salon if you are unsure and ask the nail technician to give you an in-depth briefing about each nail type. It could be just what you need when you are trying to decide on the type of artificial nail that will be right for your needs. One thing you can`t deny is the beauty of gel nails once they have been applied. What`s more, you`ll find the curing time is far quicker when a UV lamp is used. As a lady who takes immense pride in her appearance you want your nails to look utterly divine. At the moment they are short and stubby but with false nails fitted they will look superb.

Nail art

When you come home from the beauty salon you always feel like you have been pampered in an extra special kind of way. A facial, pedicure and manicure always leave you feeling totally spoilt. Whenever you are going out for a social get-together you like to spend a little time in your favourite salon. Lately you have really become intrigued by modern nail art and you always ask the beauty technician to give your something different when you are in their care. Using a wide variety of equipment; colours and polishes the nail technician works wonders on your fingers. She produces the most amazing type of nail art imaginable and you often receive plenty of positive attention from your friends after you have had your nails attended to. In the past you've had plenty of rhinestones attached to your nails but next time you visit the salon you`ll be asking for something that is a little more advanced. You've seen a number of local ladies wearing dangles from their nails and this is just what you want to have done. It seems that nothing is impossible for the experienced nail technician who's a dab hand at creating stunning nail art.

Nail Tips

Ensuring that the nail tips which you are working with are of the highest quality is essential, as you can’t afford to take any chances by opting for second best. At Naio, we have a fabulous choice of nail tips which includes natural, clear and coloured styles, so you needn’t worry about breaking a nail OR breaking the bank.

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